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Tips on How to Prepare for Your Vancouver Move

Preparation is the secret ingredient for allowing your move to be one that doesn’t include headaches or damaged goods. And when it comes to packing, there is a right way and wrong way to do this. Of course, you can choose to pack whichever way that suits you, but there are some important factors that can really help to minimize the potential of having any damaged goods transported, while also making your unpacking experience exceptionally easier.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your move.

Prepare Large Appliances

Having everything as ready as possible when the movers arrive can make everything easier, and speed up that process – especially if you’re paying by the hour. So prior to their arrival, unplug all of your appliances. Having them emptied out, roll up the cord and fasten them with some tape.

Sofas and Chairs

Any furniture with cushions, such as your sofa and any cloth chairs should have the cushions removed and either packed in boxes or contained and covered with plastic wrap. Wrap the base of the couch in plastic wrap also to protect and keep it clean. If your couch or chair is leather, then a sofa bag is recommended instead of plastic wrap to allow the material to breathe.


The beds should be disassembled and ready to go. That means the headboard should be removed, the mattress should be up against the wall and the bed frame should be disassembled also. The mattress must always be covered during a move and any good moving company should provide covering for the mattress. However, it’s important to mention how many and what size mattresses you have.


Any electronics, such as your television must have extra care when packing them away. The best method is to store them inside the original packaging they came in. However, if you no longer have the original packaging, it’s worth purchasing some appropriate boxes at your local box supply store. Having some Styrofoam or some sort of cushioning within the box is important too.

Smaller Items

Of course, with any smaller items, such as your plates and glasses, should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap prior to being placed in boxes. And always label fragile items on the box clearly.

Before you get started with your moving process, follow these packing tips and visit our site for more information that can assist you with your moving and packing process for your Vancouver move!