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PACKING: Video Tutorials And "How To":

The proper packing of your belongings is an extremely important part of the moving process, and in fact, is one of the building blocks of a successful, stress free move!

Before starting, you may find it helpful to spend a few minutes watching the videos below and the "How To" that follows for proper procedure on packing specific items.

Please note that although it does not mention it in our instructional videos below, the wrapping of your sofas, mattresses, and packing of hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes is automatically included in our service. Packing of pictures, dishes, or anything else in your home can easily be added as an "extra" to your firm quote!







           Packing Guidelines – How To:

  • Appliances – Washer:  unhook supply lines and drain hose.  Dryer: unhook vent pipe.
  • Barbeque – Unscrew propane tank. Propane tanks should be moved by the Customer, if possible, as its against regulations to move them in the truck.
  • Beds – Disassemble bed frame. (Movers can do this as an “extra” to a VanCity Moving firm quote). Protective plastic mattress bags (single, double, queen or king size) are essential for keeping both the mattress and boxspring clean, and hence this service is always automatically included in our service- ESPECIALLY important if your beds are going to storage!
  • Cribs - will need to be disassembled before transporting. It is preferred if Client do the disassembly/assembly of cribs.  Wrapping of crib mattresses is automatically included in our service.
  • China Cabinet – Remove and pack horizontal loose glass shelves. When taping glass shelves together, tape over paper between tape and glass, so that tape residue (which is time consuming to remove) will not be left behind on glass.
  • Computers – Unhook peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, and pack in box. In office moves, plastic “keyboard bags” will be provided to pack peripherals. Wrap monitor and CPU with large size bubble wrap. Many Customers prefer to move their own CPU.
  • Desks – Remove sliding keyboard base to prevent falling out during the move! Remove and pack contents of drawers. If desk is “table” type, then unscrew removable legs and tape together. If desk is comprised of several sections, these sections will need to be unscrewed. Movers can do this disassembly as a  “extra” to a VanCity Moving firm quote!
  • Dresser – Contents of dressers will need to be emptied, with mirror unscrewed from back of dresser (if applicable). Pack screws so they are easy to find…usually taping screws inside a drawer works best!
  • File Cabinets – Files will need to be taken out and packed in file boxes in order to reduce the weight of the file cabinet. The extra weight of files will often warp the frame of file cabinet while being moved. (Lateral, or “garage door” style, file cabinets are especially prone to this). There are exceptions to this rule, however, such as cases where vertical (non lateral) style file cabinets are being moved, and move has elevators on both sides, with no stairs involved. In cases where offices (with many file cabinets) are being moved, a Van City Moving representative will do an on site consultation to determine what level of packing file cabinets will require.
  • Foosball & Table Hockey – Legs need to be removed before transporting. Movers can do this as an “extra” to a VanCity Moving firm quote.
  • Garden Tools – Tape together in bundles of 5.
  • Grandfather / Grandmother Clocks – Remove and pack counterweight and pendulum.
  • Hanging Clothes – Keep garments on hangers, and transfer directly from closet to wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes will usually be included in a firm quote. Wardrobes go 2 feet across. A less formal way is to pack garments in 4 cubic foot size boxes.
  • Microwave – Don’t forget to remove and pack glass plate inside!
  • Pictures/Paintings/Mirrors – Smaller pictures with dimensions not exceeding 17.75″ by 20.5″ can be packed vertically in a regular 4 cubic foot size box after being wrapped in small size bubble wrap or paper.
  • Paintings/Pictures exceeding these dimensions should be packed in picture boxes, as per the video above. First wrap pictures in small size bubble wrap. Then use crumpled paper to cushion the bottom of the box. Insert pictures, and fill in spaces with more crumpled paper, so that your pictures are tightly packed, and do not move around inside the box. Usually, you will fit 2 to 3 pictures per box, depending of the thickness of the frames.Small size picture boxes will hold pictures with dimensions not exceeding 26.5″ by 37″, and large size picture boxes will hold pictures with dimensions not exceeding 33″ by 48″.
    For pictures/paintings with dimensions exceeding 48″, use 2 large size picture boxes and “telescope” them together.Please note that this is the formal method of packing your pictures. If your pictures/paintings are of high value, then this is the method you will want to use. However, another less formal method is to simply slide your picture into a flattened box, and tape both ends of the box. In addition, if your move is in town, it may be easier to simply place the pictures in your car/minivan, and just move them over yourself, rather than spending the time and resources packing them properly for movers to move.
  • Plants – Do not water before move, as this adds extra unnecessary weight, and water will tend to drip as plants are carried across floors. For very small plants, pack in 2 cubic foot size boxes, and leave “open faced”. Large plants can be shrink wrapped by movers to add stability.
  • Plates and Dishes – As per video above: make a bed of crumpled packing paper at the bottom of your 2 cubic foot box. Plates should be stacked vertically in the box, as one stacks them in the dishwasher. It is often convenient to pack in bundles of 4, with adequate padding between plates. Regular newspaper should not be used, as this leaves a film of ink on your dishes.
  • Pool Table – Will need to be disassembled before moving – usually done by a specialist.
  • Shelves/Bookcases – Remove loose shelves, and tape together, using a layer of paper between the wood and the tape. (Taping straight onto the wood may pull off the finish). Pull out loose shelf pins, so that they do not fall out during the move. Usually taping shelf pins right on to the shelf itself works best, so that you do not have to look for pins when starting unpacking!
  • Small Lamps – Similar size shades can be "telescoped" and packed together after being removed. After removing the harp (metal piece that the shade sits on), body of lamp can be combined with bedding and linens, and packed in a 6 cubic foot size box. If moving locally, it is sometimes easier for the Customer to transport small lamps, as the packing of lamps can consume a fair amount of time and resources.
  • Sofas & Loveseats – As per video above, wrapped in shrink wrap to ensure that cloth is kept clean and protected. This protective plastic wrapping is especially important when transporting sofas in an elevator, as the corner of the sofa that absorbes all the weight when sofa is lifted up on end will be vulnerable to crushing and soilage without it. This protective plastic is also very important if your furniture is going to storage. Please note if your sofas are leather and being stored for a significant period of time, they should not be permanently sealed with shrink wrap, as the leather will need to “breathe”. Sofa bags are recommended instead. This protection is automatically included in our service.
  • Tables – Remove leaf and table legs. Movers will carefully wrap these in moving blankets before transporting. If Customer is not comfortable removing legs, movers can do this as a small extra to a VanCity Moving firm quote. Marble tables need to be transported in custom made crate, which can be arranged by a Van City Moving representative (approximate cost $150 to $300, depending on size).
  • Televisions – It is absolutely crucial that flat screen TV’s are packed properly in a TV box. Packing in original factory packaging is ideal, but if original packaging is not available generic TV boxes come in sizes 25” by 37”, 29” by 46”, and 35” by 54”, or 60"  After removing base (if base is attached), tape bottom of box, crumple paper and place on bottom. Wrap screen in bubble wrap or clean linens, insert in the box, and use more crumpled paper to fill in any empty spaces. Tape top of box shut.
  • DVD / Stereo Pieces – Pack two per “2 cubic foot” size box. Use plenty of crumpled paper for cushioning.

Full Packing Service

An average Customer will typically require hours and hours spent over several days to pack their belongings. Our packing service is available for those Customers who feel their time would be spent more productively doing other things.

  • $20 per box, which includes materials and labour, packed size wise according to moving industry best practices. $45 per box for specialty boxes, such as picture boxes or china barrels. TV’s $80 to $300, depending on size and model.
  • Ask about a firm packing quote to accompany your quote for moving!

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