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Many customers prefer to get their moving supplies from sources such as friends, work, or the liquor store. This is a perfectly great way to do it! However, if you prefer to buy boxes, we offer a full range of packing supplies, with free next day delivery.

Prices are listed below. Note that cardboard boxes can be returned for a 50% refund when you move is done. Used boxes (subject to availability) are half the listed price, and can also be returned for a 50% refund when move is done. In short, if you purchase used boxes and return them, you will save 75% of the listed price! That is not only a significant savings for you, it also helps keep our planet green!

It is very common to underestimate how many boxes will be needed, so when making up a list of supplies we always suggest to our customers to let us send you what we think you will need, and then to simply return any unused supplies for a 100% refund. Best practices dictate that it is better to have slightly more supplies than needed and return them, then to run out the weekend before your move when everything is closed! Let us help you make up a list of supplies and specialty wrappings that you will need, specially tailored to the particulars of your move. Don’t worry about paying for the supplies when they are delivered, as we add it to the moving bill so you can make just one payment at the end of the move.

Packing Supplies Price List

Item Cost Description
1.5 cubic ft box$3 Maximum size for heavy household items such as books, magazines, tools etc…
2 cubic ft box$3.5070% to 80% of household items will be packed using this size
4 cubic ft box$5.00For packing “mid-weight” items that will not fit in a 2 cubic foot box. Pots and pans, small kitchen appliances, shoes, clothing accessories
6 cubic ft box$6.00For packing large, light items such as couch cushions, bedding, toys, lamp shades etc. Clear plastic bags can often be used as a substitute, at a fraction of the cost. Visit our PACKING section for more info.
Packing Paper$1.33 per poundComes in boxes of either 10, 25, or 50 pounds.
Tape$2 per roll2 inches wide, tan coloured
Mattress BagsKing Size $20 Queen $8 Double $8 Single $4.50A must for protecting mattresses from dust and soilage while being moved. Comes in minimum 2.25 ml plastic, and should not break or tear during move. Automatically included in our firm quotes!
Picture boxLarge $10 Small $8For protecting mirrors, pictures, artwork. Large (33″ by 48″) / Small (26.5″ by 37″).
Wardrobe box$10 per day per box.2 feet across, allows more garments than “laydown” or “mini wardrobe” styles. Will usually be automatically included in our firm quotes!
Sofa Cover/Shrink Wrap$10 per sofa $5 loveseat $5 one personAutomatically included in our firm quotes!
Bubble WrapSmall Bubbles $1 per linear foot. Large Bubbles $1.50 per linear footComes 4 feet wide. Used for wrapping pictures, paintings, artwork, and as extra padding for fragile items (high value wine glasses & stemware, artwork, statues etc).
TV Box$30 per boxCome in 3 sizes— 25” by 37”, 29” by 46”, and 35” by 54”. Automatically included in our firm quotes, when original factory packing not available