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Safety Tips for a Winter Moving Date

Winter moving – two words we never want to see together. But the reality is that we don’t always have control over our moving timeframe. And with the cold temperatures and messy weather, you need to have everything sorted in order to ensure that your move is as problem-free as possible, and that you, your belongings, and everyone involved are safe.

Before you embark on your winter move in Vancouver, here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

Hire Professionals

Hiring a professional moving company is one of the best ways to avoid any potential messy and unsafe situations. Experts know what to expect and how to prepare for the weather. This includes knowing proper footing when carrying awkward furniture, as well as driving a large truck during icy conditions. Your best bet is to place your move in the hands of the experts.

Clear your Entrance Way

When you do hire a moving company, one the most important tasks that you must do is to make sure that your entranceway and footpath are clear of any snow and ice. Before the movers are expected to arrive, make sure that you get out to shovel the walkway and throw down some salt, if need be.

Keep your Winter Supplies at Hand

Don’t go packing away any of those winter essentials! Make sure that if you’re overseeing the move, or are doing it yourself, you are well bundled for the weather, and also have appropriate essentials nearby, such as an ice scraper for your vehicle, as well as shovel and salt in order to prepare the entranceway for your arrival destination, if necessary.

If the weather gets too extreme and you’re not very experienced with driving a truck, you should consider postponing the move for a day if possible, or finding someone to assist you.

Protect Delicate Items

Certain items and even electronics can actually be affected if the temperature gets too cold. Be sure to really wrap up any potentially sensitive items that could be damaged.

Call Utility Company

Before you depart for your new destination, it’s always a good idea to give your utility company a call just to make sure that your heating will be up and running when you arrive. There’s nothing worse than enduring a move during the winter, only to arrive in your new home that’s freezing inside.

Winter moving can be quite the challenge to endure. Safety is always the most important priority, so take extra care to employ proper actions and preparation that will take the burden off you and keep your moving process running smooth and safe.