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A Quick Guide to Switch Utilities to Your New Home

Moving homes is a painful process that we all have to endure at some point in life. And when that day comes, we want it done and dusted with minimal complications, and that includes switching utilities like electric, water, and cable. If you don’t get the timing just right, or there’s any error of communication, you could be left paying for utilities after the move, or even be left with none at all once you land in your new home.

To avoid any mayhem with your utility switch, follow these simple steps.

Determine Exact Activation and Cancellation Dates

Sure, it may seem like an obvious and simple step to achieve for ensuring smooth sailing when making the switch, but with all of the mayhem involved with moving, you’d be surprised how easy the simplest details and tasks can become jumbled and confused. Take some time well in advance of your move to determine the exact dates for when your utilities must be cancelled and activated. Double check and triple check, if need be.

Pay Off Any Balances

Ask about any remaining balances or fees that might be due while you are setting up your cancellation date. That last thing you need is an unexpected bill to pay. Remember, many utility companies charge activation fees, so make sure to budget for this expense.

Keep All of Your Account Information Organized

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to contact your utility company and wasting half the day just trying to find your account number and info. Keep a designated area or folder for your account information. That way you can access the information easily if you need to contact them for anything.

Check the Meter on Departure Day

To ensure that you are in fact, only being charge up until the date of departure, it’s always helpful to take a final look at your meter and jot down the reading. It just covers your bases if you happen to get a final bill that appears more than what you were expecting. With the meter reading, you can determine whether a few more days or weeks have been added on by mistake.

Take the hassle and doubt out of the moving process by making sure that your utility switch over is accurate and simple. Plan out your dates in advance and make sure you correctly communicate them to the company. And always take a final meter reading just to have on hand in case!

At Van City Moving, we’re happy to offer expert advice about moving in Vancouver. Get in touch if you have any more questions!