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How to Pack and Live at the Same Time

When you’re in the throes of the moving process, it can be tricky to juggle the whole concept of living and packing. It requires a certain level of organization that might not come so easily. And between the boxes taking up half of your living room, to having to search for items you think you may have packed – it can be utter mayhem.

To avoid that mayhem, use these tips to help you master that juggling act of packing and living at the same time.

Begin with Your Non-Essentials

When you start to pack up your current home, begin with packing away your non-essential items. Anything that you don’t use often or even on a weekly basis – pack them. These are what should get packed away in order to get the ball rolling, clear up some space, while still allowing you to have your essentials on hand. This can be anything from your off-season clothes (unless you’re going down south you don’t need those shorts right now!) to décor and knickknacks.

De-Junk And De-Clutter Early

The sooner you can get a head start on your moving process, the better.  And that means starting to assess all of your belongings with a critical eye. This is the best time to take advantage of de-cluttering. There’s no point in moving junk or items that you never have or will use to your new home. Start early and start fresh by donating old clothing and selling furniture or any items that serve you no purpose.

Be Thorough When Packing

When you do begin packing some essential items into boxes, be mindful of your packing process. Don’t just casually toss them in random boxes. Take the time to organize them in a way that will make sense, while labelling the boxes thoroughly so you will know where items are. You can also keep those boxes unsealed until closer to the moving date. That way you have some peace of mind knowing they are essentially packed, but you can access them if need be.

Keep Your Boxes In One Section Of Your Home

There’s nothing more demoralizing than having to come home each day to a disorganized home with boxes everywhere. It can wear on your sanity and create stress.  Decipher what area makes the most sense for stashing your boxes. Even if it’s a corner of a room, it can help reduce your stress when there is some semblance of order.

Packing and living can be a tough process to endure and can easily induce stress. But it doesn’t have to! With these simple steps, you can get the process started and still keep your essential items accessible, while maintaining some peace of mind.

Planning a Vancouver move is always easier when you have the professional services of a moving company like Van City Moving. Give us a call today to set up your free in-home moving quote. Remember, a pre-planned move is a better move!