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Choosing a Vancouver Moving Company: Benefits Of An In Person Quote

Being knowledgeable about the quotation process helps immensely in making a sound decision when hiring a Vancouver moving company.

It’s important the moving company you hire is a good match considering the particulars of your move, and that on moving day the company is able to handle not only the physical aspects of moving of your belongings from point  A to B,  but the other important aspects of your move as well.   An understanding of the key components being presented to you in a moving quote is vital.

The good news is that it does not take long to learn!  Reading the tips in this article will go a long way.

In short, a proper quote from a Vancouver moving company should  include not only an accurate estimated cost for your move, but just as important, a workable and well thought out game plan to get it done. There should be no unexplained gaps in logic (as explained below) in the proposed game plan for your move. The best way this is accomplished in our view is by a skilled estimator / move planner who knows the city coming out in person and viewing your move requirements.

Get a moving quote in-person

Vancouver moving company estimator shakes hands with client
A quotation should be done in person, not over the phone, especially if your move is a bigger one (2 bedroom apartment or larger). Every move is different, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to deliver an accurate quote and game plan for your move without viewing it in person.

If you want your move to go smoothly, you don’t want to book your move in the same manner that you would order a pizza or a taxicab!  As a common-sense first step you’ll want to arrange for a skilled estimator from a reputable Vancouver moving company to come out, view your home, and plan your move for you.

Why is an in-person quote from a Vancouver moving company so important?

a) You’ll get a more accurate quote. Be very wary of quotes that seem unnaturally low. You don’t want to end up paying twice or three times as much as you budgeted for when the bill comes on moving day.  Moving quotes done in person are more likely to be accurate. A firm quote, when offered, is even better!

b) In addition, you get an introduction beforehand to see if you like the company and feel comfortable. Did the moving process as suggested for your move make sense to you? Were you at ease with the moving company representative and did they seem knowledgeable about Vancouver and the moving process in general?

c) Finally, a skilled estimator or move planner will have a chance to anticipate and plan for the important and otherwise unexpected factors of your move, which is difficult to do with a move booked over the phone, no matter how much information you provide. A skilled estimator who is viewing your move in person will be able to evaluate factors such as:

  • How many movers are required?

    A common reason that moves don’t go smoothly is simply not having enough movers on the job. It is impossible for 3 movers to do the work of 5 movers, no matter how skilled and hard working they may be! To ensure your move to or from Vancouver goes smoothly, it is important to get this piece of your moving puzzle exactly right.

    As a general rule of thumb, a sound game plan will have a minimum of 1 mover for every 400 square feet of living space, and you will need to round up, not down in the number of movers! Therefore a 1,000 square foot apartment (divided by 400) with an average amount of furniture, rounded up, will require three movers. A 2,000 sq. ft. home (divided by 400) will require a minimum of five movers, and so on. (For the technically minded, the specific way this calculation works is as follows: A common rule of thumb is to expect 1 cubic foot of furniture for every 1 square foot of living space, and a minimum of one mover is needed for every 400 cubic feet (2800 pounds) of furniture.) In order to make this calculation, a proper moving quote will need to have the amount of furniture (in pounds or cubic feet) clearly listed. If your quote does not have the amount of furniture listed, or the amount listed is unnaturally low, you should be very leery.

  • What is the parking situation?

    A reputable Vancouver moving company knows the city well. This is an important part of your moving day puzzle, especially in dense urban areas in the core of Vancouver, such as Gastown, Yaletown, West End, or Kitsilano. Reservation of parking spaces (which can be done with the City of Vancouver) at load and unload, as well as anticipating and working around no stopping zones during rush hour (if applicable) are absolutely crucial for a smooth move on moving day. For example, if there is a 7:00 am to 9:30 am no stopping zones where truck loads from, the move could be planned for a 9:30 am start. Or, if there is a no stopping zone at unload between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm, the move could be planned to start a little later in the morning, and timed to arrive at new place at 6:00 pm.

  • What size truck(s) are needed?

    The estimator will evaluate whether one truck is sufficient or whether additional truck(s) are required. Having a truck (or trucks) with enough capacity will ensure that move out deadlines are met and avoids the need to make multiple time consuming trips. However, if loading or unloading in areas like West Vancouver where driveways are often steep or corners are tight, a full-length moving truck may not fit. In cases like these, using smaller trucks and making more trips may be the key. A skilled estimator from your chosen Vancouver moving company, visiting in person, will quickly be able to solve this puzzle!

  • Specialty wrappings your furniture will require:

    Traditional moving boxes are a good start, but also very important are the specialty wrappings required to wrap mattresses, flat screen TVs, sofas, and suits/garments. A skilled estimator from a reputable moving company will take note of these items and automatically include these important specialty wrappings in your quotation.

  • Elevator reservation times:

    Elevators experience a “rush hour”, just like roads do. Therefore if possible, it often works best to start moving your belongings as soon as everyone in the building has left for work, especially if there is only one elevator servicing the building. Many buildings have a cut off time that the move must be done by. A skilled move planner will suggest elevator reservation schedule that make sense and work, considering all the factors of your move.

A skilled estimator/move planner visiting your home in person will make all these pieces of the puzzle come together. When choosing Vancouver movers, booking over the phone is not the ideal way to do it! Choose a moving company that will carefully plan every stage of your move, from the initial consultation until the final box is placed in your new home. Call us at (604) 221-6683 or fill out the contact form to see up a free in-person quote.

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