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To Store or Not to Store…That is the Question

Do you plan to use storage facilities to make your Vancouver move a little easier? If so, we’ve got some helpful tips to make sure your storage plan is sound and executed properly.

Consider Going Out A Little Ways From The City Centre

Storage rates are generally lower as one goes out from the downtown core. Even 30 minutes away from the core can save you money, especially if you play to store for a month or longer. If you don’t need to access to your stored belongings on a regular basis, it often makes sense to go just a little further out.

Ask the Storage Facility About Move In Promotions

Many storage facilities have great discount offers for new customers.  Ask the storage facilities if they offer move-in specials, such as the “$1 for the first month” or “1/2 price for the first 3 months” specials.

Rent the Right Size Locker

You don’t want to sign out a smaller size locker, and learn on moving day as your furniture is almost moved in that it won’t fit everything!  On the other hand, it is a common mistake to rent a locker that is much too big and end up paying month after month for empty space that is not being used.  If you are storing for a significant amount of time, there are thousands of dollars at stake, and hence it is of the utmost importance to get this figure correct.  This is definitely an area where you will benefit from having a skilled estimator come out and view your move in person and help you calculate this figure!

Additional tips—make sure the locker you are considering is the standard 8’ high (or higher).  Ground floor lockers cost slightly more, but the loading and unloading will go quicker.  Lockers with access only by stairs will increase the difficulty of loading and unloading significantly.

Follow “Best Practices” When Considering Security

Follow generally accepted best practices when considering the security of your furniture.  A storage facility where each unit is individually alarmed is ideal. If a facility has this security feature, a loud alarm will go off if a locker door is opened for any reason without the private security password being entered.  In addition, use round “disc” style locks to secure your belongings, as they are the most secure.

Specialty Wrappings

Use mattress bags for mattresses and protective plastic covering for sofas and cloth furniture to protect these belongings from naturally occurring dust in the locker.

When NOT to Store…

Storage can be a helpful option for your Vancouver move, but there is a very real cost to storing furniture. The wise storage customer will use extreme caution when considering storing. Storage can be “addictive.” Addictive?? This is a strange term to describe the storing of one’s belongings, isn’t it? But please read on…

Often people will rent out a storage locker with the best of intentions, to store for “two or three months”, or whatever. It’s amazing how fast time goes by, and often two or three YEARS will pass by, just like that, before you even notice.

A 10’ x 10’ locker going for $200/month over three years will accumulate charges of $7,200 plus tax. Often, if a customer had known these costs ahead of time, they never would have made the decision to put their furniture into storage! But by this time, it’s too late. Said hypothetical customer is going to be reluctant to part with items they just paid $7,200 to store, and so will keep paying and paying. They’re hooked, and the cycle repeats!

Consider where that money could have gone instead…a Caribbean vacation…a big screen TV and surround sound system…a small home renovation project…or a whole new set of furniture!

The most desirable storage scenario is one where furniture is stored with specific entry and exit times, even if these exact dates are not known. For example, a plan for furniture to be delivered into storage when original house is sold, and scheduled for redelivery as soon as new home is acquired.

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