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How to Stage Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

They say that the most important and helpful thing you can do when trying to sell a property is to stage it. While major renovations, whole house paint jobs, and new appliances and furniture are all effective ways to lure in those buyers, these measures can cost a lot more money than many of us are willing to spend. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to stage your home, and little changes can make a big difference – if you know where to apply them. Stage your home without breaking the bank and secure a sale fast by taking these tips and tricks into consideration.

Invest in the Exterior

The first thing potential buyers see is the outside of your house. If it’s run-down, dirty, cluttered, or just plain uninviting, prospects might not even take the time to get out of their cars and see what’s inside. Invest in the exterior with small things like plants and garden décor. For dirty walls and driveways, a pressure wash can suffice in place of a paint job.

Take Advantage of Lights

Find specific areas in the space where natural light is the strongest and open up curtains to let it in. Something as simple as bringing light into your space can change the impression it makes for the better. You can also opt to buy more fixtures and change out dim light bulbs if necessary to bring a fresh, clean, and spacious look and feel into your property.

Make it Neutral

The very reason why you want to stage your house is to give prospects the opportunity to see themselves living in it. That said, you might want to make it a little more neutral by removing any personal photos and your children’s drawings off of the fridge and shelves to make it easier for buyers to picture themselves in the space.

Select Your Scents

Something as simple as a scent could make a home feel cozier and more comfortable, so choose yours wisely. Opt for something subtle and pleasing to the senses, rather than an overpowering smell that could make the space dizzying and unpleasant for sensitive prospects.

Create a Clutter-Free Environment

Remove boxes, unnecessary items, and clutter throughout the space to create the image of cleanliness and spaciousness. This makes it easier for prospects to see the positive aspects of your property and gives them the impression that it’s ready for their move.

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