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How to Simplify Your Summer Move in Vancouver

The two most difficult times of year to move would have to be the middle of winter and the middle of summer. You would not instantly think that summer would be challenging for moving, but there are plenty of difficulties you can encounter on a mid-summer move. Here are ten ways you can simplify your summer move.

  • Avoid loading and unloading the moving truck in midday when the summer sun is the hottest.
  • Hire professional movers to do the loading and unloading in the stinky summer heat! Just don’t be too offended if they start to smell by the end of the day… it is really hot out after all.
  • Stay hydrated! Moving day is not the time to pass out from heat exhaustion. . Sometimes the urge to complete a job too quickly makes people forget to drink enough water, and under the heat of the summer sun you will certainly feel the effects of dehydration.
  • Hire professional movers so you can just sit and sip your water, this too will save you from heat exhaustion. (Professionals know that they need to drink plenty of water on the job too, no one is safe from heat exhaustion no matter how professional you are.)
  • Carry a rag in your pocket to wipe your hands on. Sweaty hands can drop expensive TVs very easily.
  • Hire professional movers to move all of your expensive things. Since they’re professionals they know how to handle sweaty hands on the job.
  • Make sure you have enough able-bodied people to help you move all the big heavy items.
  • Hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you! It’s their job and they’re good at what they do.
  • Map out the driving route from your old place to your new place so you spend as little time in traffic/getting lost as possible.
  • Hire professional movers and they will know how to get from your old place to your new place quickly and effectively. They are professional movers, it’s what they do. Let them dazzle you with their knowledge of Vancouver City.

The main thing to remember when completing a summer move is simple. Hire professional movers. It will save you so much hassle and provide you peace of mind that your life in boxes will safely make it to your new abode. Get in touch with Van City Movers for a firm, no-obligation quotation for your Vancouver move!