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Protecting Yourself From Moving Scams

Scams are something we’d all rather avoid in life, but the reality is that they do exist and we don’t always see them coming. But by learning what to look out for, you can better equip yourself for identifying them and staying as far away as possible. That goes for moving scams as well. Moving is a stressful endeavour as is. But being scammed during the process is a nightmare no one should have to endure.

So before you embark on your next move, learn some of these steps to protect yourself and your belongings.

Have a Detailed Copy of the Contract

Before any of your items are touched, or you agree to the services, it’s essential to have a complete copy of the contract, outlining all of the details discussed and agreed upon. Make sure you keep a written signed copy close at hand until the process has been successfully completed.

Perform Background Research

Before committing to any moving company, spend the time doing some research into their background and previous performance. Jump online and look for references and reviews that can give you a more accurate scope of how reliable they really are. Figure out how they operate, whether they hire sub-contractors, and how long their business has been operational.

Never Pay in Cash

If the moving company insists on only paying with cash, walk away. This is a general sign that their operations may be a little shady. Payment should never be done nor expected by the company to be delivered up-front or in cash. Using cash means there’s no official record of payment, which could end up placing you in a very precarious position.

Avoid Unmarked Trucks

If the truck that arrives on moving day appears to have no reference to the company name or logo and is unmarked, your alarm bells should start ringing. Any professional and reputable company will have their company name clearly labelled on the truck to let you know that it belongs to them and they are identifiable if something goes wrong. Don’t trust a company that arrives with a generic-looking truck that isn’t identified in any way.

Protect yourself and your valuables on moving day by learning some of the common signs to look out for. We can’t always avoid a scam, but educating yourself on the general signs is one of the best ways to help recognize them and safeguard your Vancouver move.