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Packing Tips to Simplify Your Move

Packing up your entire home – from junk drawers to your chaotic closets – is a task where we’d much rather handle by just simply tossing everything into boxes and being done with. But having rhyme and reason during this phase of the moving process can save you so much time and aggravation when it comes to unpacking. Give your new chapter the best head start by using some of these packing tips to help kick off life in your new home on an organized and easy foot.

Don’t Pack Boxes Too Heavy

Packing can be a tricky task to master. But once you’ve gone through a move before, you learn what the right and wrong techniques generally are, fast. Try to avoid over packing boxes. It’s better to have a box that isn’t completely filled to the top than one that is impossible to lift. As you pack the boxes, stop midway through and try to lift them. If they seem heavy enough, then either find light items to add in or leave them as is.

Use a Variety of Box Sizes

In order to avoid situations where you are using half empty boxes due to weight, it helps to have a few different sizes. This way you can accommodate a wider variety of stuff without leaving empty spaces in boxes that can allow items to shift around more easily.

Try to Keep Items Together from Each Room

Packing boxes according to their location is a great way to simplify the unpacking process when you reach your destination. Try to make a concerted effort to keep items together from the same rooms. So all bathroom items are in a few boxes, and your bedroom closet is in another. If you need to adjust a few items due to size and weight, that’s no big deal.

Tape Boxes Well

If there’s ever a time to not skimp on the tape, it’s when you’re packing up for a move. Even if you’re down to your last roll and you want to make it last, don’t run that risk of having the boxes fail and break open.  Buy more if necessary so you can tape the boxes well enough to ensure that the bottom or top won’t collapse or easily open during transport.

Label Thoroughly

Scratching items onto boxes in a messy, illegible manner doesn’t make anything easier. Spend the time and effort now to make your labels clear and thorough, according to each room. You can use a spare piece of paper to tape onto the box instead of scribbling directly onto it.

Having a simplified moving process all comes down to how well you organize and pack up your gear. Take the time before you move to organize and label items clearly so that when they arrive at your new home, you can easily decipher what goes where and unpack everything without hassle.

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