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Essential Tips for Moving Day

Moving can be a difficult task to tackle all on your own, but a great way to reduce the stress is by hiring skilled local moving company. A skilled moving crew will take care of the finesse and heavy lifting so moving day can be a relatively pleasant process for you the Customer!  If you’d like to become more familiar with the moving process, please consider the following tips:

1. Protect Your Mattresses Using Plastic Mattress Bags.  The cost of a mattress bag is very small in relation to the cost of a new mattress, but surprisingly, this super important step is often neglected.  Mattress bags come in four sizes: Single, Double, Queen, and King, with 2.25 ml minimum thickness recommended.  (We’ve found that mattress bags thinner than 2.25 ml often rip and tear before the move is done!).  You’ll want to wrap both the mattress AND the box spring before they leave the room. If you’ve chosen us to do your move, you don’t have to worry – this service will be automatically included in your quotation!

2. Label Boxes According To The Room They Go To In The New Place.   Labeling boxes is a key step in the packing process. Mark your boxes clearly on the SIDE of the box (not on top!) using a black marker.  Our movers will then know which room each box is to be delivered to, which items are fragile etc.   Proper labelling of boxes also make the job of unpacking more organized and orderly.  Note that the furniture itself  does not get labelled, only the boxes.  Proper labelling helps guide your Vancouver movers, so they know where to place your boxes.

3. Start Packing Well In Advance. The task of  packing up your home is a crucial part of the moving process.  Not only does a properly packed move go faster, it also protects your treasured belongings.  It is important to remember that packing is fair amount of work, and can seem overwhelming at times.  Therefore it is highly recommended that the packing is spread over several days or weeks leading up to your moving day, instead of leaving it to the end.  Note that it is better to have more boxes on hand than needed, than to run out of supplies the weekend before your move when suppliers are closed.  Don’t worry about being stuck with unused supplies, as we offer a full refund for supplies not used!  If you’ve chosen us, we also offer a full packing service.

4. Be Available to Direct Unloading.  When our movers arrive at the new place, it is extremely important that you as the Client , or someone from the family, is there to direct and oversee the unloading.  Generally speaking, it is better to wait until the move is done before starting to unpack boxes…YOUR MOVERS NEED YOU AT THIS TIME!  If Client is not there, or otherwise innattentive, the move will slow right down and confusion will result as furniture is delivered to inncorrect rooms in the house.  It is okay to be very clear with your instructions to your Vancouver movers as furniture is coming in.  Note that it is not  absolutely critical that Client is present when furniture is being loaded on to truck at old place, only when furniture is being unloaded!

5. Do A Final Walk Around. Before you and your movers leave the old place, you’ll want to take a final look through each room of your home, and make sure that everything that is supposed to go is on truck!

Hiring movers is a great way to start the moving process. Moving is an exciting time, but can also be quite stressful if you are not prepared.  As your company of choice we are here to help and give assistance that you’ll require for your move. For a quote or to learn more about our moving company, be sure to visit our website www.VanCityMoving.com.