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Beside the Move…What You Need to Know

You are packed and feel ready to go. Moving day is fast approaching and you have already booked your professional movers to see you safely through moving day, but you feel like something is missing. Moving is a lot more than just relocating your objects to another house. Here are a few things you need to remember to do prior to moving.

Change Your Address with Both the Provincial and Federal Government

The government needs to know everything about you at all times no matter where you are. OK that may be a bit extreme, but they should be alerted when you change your address. By changing your address provincially you are updating your driver’s licence and your health card. It’s also important to keep the federal government up to date if you are receiving any cheques or regular correspondence from them. It’d be nice if that type of mail didn’t get sent to the wrong address.

Change Your Address with All Banks You Have Accounts With

This might be one of the most important addresses you change. You certainly don’t want personal bank information to be sent to a former address for anyone to simply pick up and immediately have access to your personal savings. Just avoid this mess all together and update your address.

Prepare a “Courtesy” Box and Keep it Close By

In this box you want to place items that will be unpacked immediately. It will contain toilet paper and hand soap for the bathroom (you do not want to be the unlucky person who gets to christen the new toilet and realize there is no toilet paper or soap). Stock each bathroom with both essentials as soon as you have access to your new place. It’s also helpful to put basic cleaning supplies in the courtesy box along with disposable plates and cutlery. Moving is a hectic time, expect a few delivery-style meals to be eaten on the living room floor!

Order Mail Forwarding

This seems like an extremely grown up thing to do, and well it is. Mail forwarding can be ordered through Canada Post and can be ordered in different increments of time. If you were diligent in changing your address with every possible place that sends you mail you likely will only require this service for one month. It is money well spent as address changes often do not take effect immediately and some pieces will sneak through to your old address.

Don’t allow the stress of a move to cripple your power to take control! Be proactive and organized with your move and allow yourself to enjoy your new surroundings stress free!