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Advice On Transporting Flat Screen TV’s

Typically in a household the TV will be amongst the most expensive, but also most vulnerable items being moved. Surprisingly, the all important step of packing the TV for transport is often completely neglected. But sending out a flat screen TV in the moving truck, without proper packaging and against the advice of your movers, is unwise and like playing Russian roulette with your TV. It is possible that just “wrapping it in a blanket” will get it there safely, but rest assured that a certain percentage of the time the screen will get cracked. Many people emphatically believe, and this author would agree, that “a house isn’t a home without a TV”. It’s hard to admit, but just think how empty your life would be without that beloved flat screen TV. As a responsible TV owner, wouldn’t you sleep better during the nights leading up to your move knowing that you had put aside the necessary time and materials to pack your TV properly for moving day.

If you’ve kept the original box that the TV came in, this original factory packaging is the best! However, storing the box can be difficult. But no need to worry if you don’t have the original packaging. If you’ve chosen us as your local or long distance movers, we will automatically include a generic TV box in the “Specialty Wrappings” section of your quotation. These generic TV boxes come in three sizes—

– Size 1: up to screen size 37”

– Size 2: up to screen size 46”

– Size 3: up to screen size 54”

As the technology of flat screen TV’s evolve, they are getting bigger and bigger. Note that if your TV is one with screen bigger than 54”, you will need to take 2 or more TV boxes and “telescope” them together to fit around your TV. The procedure for wrapping a TV in a generic TV box is as follows—

1) TV boxes will usually arrive flat. Assemble box by unfolding and taping ends. A picture of an assembled TV box is included for your reference.

2) Cushion bottom of box by crumpling paper and placing on bottom of assembled box

3) If TV is hung on the wall, the TV base will not be attached. However, if TV is sitting on a TV stand, unscrew and remove the base. In many models, there will be 3 screws holding in the base, which can be accessed and unscrewed from the back of TV.

4) Wrap screen in clean sheets, blankets, or bubble wrap (“large” bubbles, 4 foot wide), and place in box

5) Crumple more paper and fill in any empty spaces on the sides or top of box. This step ensures that TV is snug inside box, and will not move around.

6) Close ends of box and tape closed

Some Further Options: Some Clients prefer to move their own TV, rather than going through the packing steps previously mentioned and giving said TV to their movers to transport on moving truck. If you’ve chosen us as your movers, we can also go through these steps and pack up your TV for an extra fee. Either way, it is important that the transport of flat screen TV’s are thought out and planned for well in advance, so come moving day, your TV is well protected. Your movers and your TV will thank you!