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5 Tips for a Successful Family Move

Follow these five tips to make your family’s move easier than ever:

Tip #1: Hang On to Old House One Day Longer

When possible, set up the real estate contract so that you hand over possession of your old place one day AFTER possession of the new place. This one-day crossover can be a huge relief, giving you that extra bit of breathing room to clean to get your ducks in a row. Setting it up so that you cede possession of a current place at noon and get possession of the new place at noon of the same day creates unnecessary stress and logistical problems for the moving of your furniture. Give yourself a 24 hour transition period if possible – you’ll be glad you did.

Tip #2: Arrange Babysitter/Pet Sitter

When moving heavy furniture, children and pets can get in the way. This creates an unsafe situation for children, and can also delay/complicate the process for your movers. Take some stress off everyone by arranging a babysitter to watch your children and a pet sitter to take care of Spot and Whiskers. If possible, you may want to arrange a weekend away for the kids to make the process of setting up the new home a little easier as well.

Tip #3: Pack Well in Advance

Proper packing is the foundation of a successful move! If left to the end, it will seem overwhelming. In addition, unpacked (and therefore unprotected) items increase the chance of breakage and the move will needlessly take much longer if packing is not finished when movers arrive. Start with the items that aren’t being used in your day-to-day life. Items used in your day-to-day life can be packed last. If you cringe at the thought of packing, full or partial packing service can also be provided by the moving company. Remember: We have a handy packing guide on our site, including packing video tutorials by members of the Van City Moving crew!

Tip #4: Arrange Specialty Wrappings

To protect fragile and odd-shaped furniture and belongings, specialty wrappings are a must:

  • For flat screen TVs, original factory packaging is best but a generic TV box can be used if the original is not available
  • Mattress bags for mattresses (2.25 mil or higher thickness is best so that the bag does not break during the move)
  • Shrink wrap for sofas
  • Wardrobe boxes for hanging suits and garments

If using professional Vancouver movers, you’ll want to make sure that these important wrappings are included in the quote – you don’t want to get a surprise on moving day.

Tip #5: Know What’s Worth Moving On Your Own

When moving a short distance and using professional movers, it is best to pack the vast majority of items up properly and let the movers move them – after all, it’s what they do for a living! However, there are a few select items where you will spend more time and resources packing them up properly for movers to move versus simply moving them yourself. For example, if movers are taking pictures in moving truck, they will need to be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed into picture boxes (and then delicately unpacked in the new place). Oftentimes by the time you’ve expended the time and money to do this, you could have driven the pictures over to the new place! Small table lamps and computer screens also fall into this category. Ask the moving estimator for other examples if you aren’t sure.

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