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4 Signs You’re Ready to Move

Sometimes, the reasons to move are obvious – your job is relocating you cross-country, you’re no longer a bachelor and need a space that fits, or you win the lottery and want to celebrate in style. Other common reasons to move? Check out the list below and see if any of these reasons sound familiar.

Growing, Shrinking, and Everything in Between

Your home was once perfect for your 1.5 kids, Spot the dog and Chirpy the bird. But when you find out you’re pregnant – with twins! – there’s just no way you can make it work in your current home. In fact, a common theme we encounter is the growing family where there’s just not enough room in their Vancouver home.

At the other end of the spectrum, once you’ve done the hard work of raising your kids and they’re off to university, your once snug four-bedroom home now feels positively cavernous. Whether you need to expand or downsize, you’re ready to move if you’re experiencing big changes in the number of occupants in your home.

Nosy, Noisy, Noxious Neighbours

Are you sick and tired of your problem neighbours? It doesn’t matter if you live next to busy bodies who can’t mind their own business; college kids who throw wild parties every Tuesday night; or you’re embarrassed by the homeowners next door who take “bare minimum property maintenance” as a mild suggestion. Home sweet home only applies if you can get along with your neighbours in all directions. You’re ready to move if you want to bid adieu to the Ned Flanders, Cosmo Kramer, or Steve Urkel in your life and settle into greener pastures.

Cramped Quarters

Is every morning absolute chaos, as five people fight for space in the lone bathroom in your home? Do you dine on your living room couch because your dining room table is currently being used as the home office/arts & crafts nook/storage zone? Do you dream of a day when your master bedroom actually has room for a queen-size bed – with room to walk around the edges? You’re ready to move if your 800 sq ft place has been stretched to the limits and it’s time to find some breathing room.

Fixing a Purchase Error

What is a purchase error, you ask? Think of it like if Goldilocks accepted the porridge that was too hot, or the chair that was too small, because she had a tight budget and her mother-in-law was pressuring her and she was tired of looking for a more suitable option. Well three years later, she loathes porridge with all her being, her back aches all the time, and she deserves better. Does this sound like your experience with your current home? Maybe you settled for a place with a small backyard and a long commute, only to realize you love gardening and you’d rather not sit bumper-to-bumper for 2 hours each day. Or maybe you took on more than you could chew, and you’re fed up with scrubbing five bathrooms or dealing with pool maintenance, even though you thought a backyard pool would be amazing. You’re ready to move if you have a clearer understanding of your true wants/needs in a home, and it’s time to find a home that checks all the boxes.

When you’re ready to move, Van City Moving is here to help you every step of the way. Just give us a call at 604-221-6683 and one of our friendly moving consultants will drop by and provide a free, no-obligation quotation for your Vancouver move.